Free Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a problem. We incarcerate more of our population than anywhere in the world, not the nation, the world! Drug related crimes are the number one reason for incarceration and sentences for these crimes are twice as long as other states in the nation. 95% of prisoners will eventually be released but 77% of those prisoners will end up back in prison.


We know the program now let’s talk about the solution.


Freedom Challenge is a ministry of Sonrise Adult & Teen Challenge and is helping addicts find hope behind bars at Geo-Correctional Facility in Lawton, Oklahoma. Men apply to be in our program and once accepted are removed from general population to our 100-man pod where they go through curriculum such as Temptation, Growing through Failure, Anger & Personal Rights, and Attitudes. Through these classes they can find the true solution for addiction: Jesus.


With the Lord’s help, we’ve turned one of the toughest prison pods into an area for discipleship and mentoring. Warden Hector Rios Jr. states that, “Violence at the facility has slowed down since Freedom Challenge was introduced in 2015.”



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